the Clatter is:

Kim Madeleine

Guitars and Vocals


Kim Madeleine grew up cutting his teeth in the Dilemma and was a founding member of the Flexx Band, a fixture on the Detroit and East Lansing club scenes in the 1970s. He also played in the Howards with bass player Lou Wysocki .

Dennis Zavis

Drums and Vocals


Dennis Zavis grew up in the music business and most recently was with The Pinch and Mid-Life Crisis. Music has always been a major part of his life.

Lou Wysocki

Bass and Vocals


Lou Wysocki, a former member of the 70s and 80s touring rock band, The Lordz, was also the driving force behind The Howards, a popular club act around Metro Detroit in the 90s and early 2000s.